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German Shepherds

Quality working line German Shepherds

Responsibly bred for health and temperament. 

Listed As The Best German Shepherd Dog Breeders in Arizona, previously located in South Carolina.

At Royalty German Shepherds,
our priority is health. Our dogs are always tested for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and degenerative myelopathy at a minimum. We also do full Embark panels that test for hundreds of different genetic health issues. 

Being our German Shepherds are working line, they possess a tremendous amount of intelligence and desire to work and please their leader. When appropriately trained and stimulated, they make excellent family companions and can have a good "off" switch while relaxing with their people.

We are a very hands-on family-oriented program. We put our all into each puppy to ensure a healthy, stable, confident temperament.
We use the puppy culture program as a baseline in our puppy-raising protocol to help build confidence and nurture their critical thinking skills. 

Our dogs and puppies live in our home with our family, which includes two children aged 5 & 12, cats, rabbits, chickens, and horses.
Emily has been a veterinary technician for over a decade, so all the dogs and puppies receive routine and quality vet care; she is also a certified canine trainer and behaviorist, so a lot of time is spent watching and analyzing each puppy's behavior. 

We temperament test each puppy at six weeks old to help provide each family with the most information possible before picking is done; this helps ensure each puppy ends up with the best possible fit in a family.
We are very involved with all the families still, to this day, and make a point to always be a resource to them for anything from health to training and everything in between. 

We stand behind each dog for life. We take a lot of pride in our program and have put in countless hours and literal blood, sweat, and tears developing and shaping the program and our puppy-raising protocol to be one of the best available to families and professional dog handlers in the southeastern United States, specifically South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina.
However, we have also placed puppies in many other states, including California, Alaska, Arizona, New York, Connecticut, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota. 


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