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We are a veteran family owned and operated program.


As a member of the veterinary world for the last decade as well as the dog training community we have seen just how detrimental unethical breeding and lack of knowledge can be for both family and dog.

We made it a goal to produce high quality, healthy, sound dogs for everyone who is looking for an intelligent, confident and sociable family member.

We follow all European breeding standards, each breeding candidate is completely health tested by the SV in Germany if they are being imported or The OFA in the US.

They are also trained, trialed and earn their working titles before breeding.

Our program produces dogs suitable for experienced active families as well as dogs suitable for law enforcement, competition level sports, personal & property protection. They poses the ability to excel as protection, search & rescue, tracking and detection as multi purpose canines.


They live in our home with us as members of the family and join us on our every day activities out in the community.

We have developed an advanced puppy raising protocol that consists of a variety of challenges, stimulation, exposure & socialization throughout their development. This helps mold social, confident temperaments and nurture each puppies critical thinking skills. 

We aim to produce dogs from medium drive variations. We believe it is crucial that each puppy is placed in a home where their individual temperament & needs fit the lifestyle of that family. We work with each family to help determine if this is the right breed for them based on their specific needs & goals. 

After falling in love with the breed and seeing so many local German Shepherd breeders in South Carolina who were not properly educated on responsible breeding practices, standards, lines, or recommended health testing and seeing low-quality German Shepherds as a result, we decided to dedicate our time to being a resource for education on the breed and a source of quality German Shepherds that can excel in any area.

Education is our favorite part of it all, w
e love to educate people on understanding this breed, proper training and what it means to be a ethical breeder. Next to the absolute joy of seeing the family's faces when they get to bring their new family members home!

We constantly work with our dogs, always striving to enhance and prove the versatile abilities of the German Shepherd Dog.


Royalty German Shepherds
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