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Prospective Owners

These dogs are very intelligent, intuitive and sensitive, we hope to educate prospective owners on the proper training, exposure and socialization that is crucial to create a happy, healthy, mentally stable dog.


Our dogs possess different levels of food, toy & prey drive with a good off switch indoors. They are perfect for active families, looking for an active dog with high intelligence. As well as quality prospects for competition level proformance sports, multi purpose canines or personal protection dogs. We are named as one of the top dog breeders in South Carolina.

With us you never just get a puppy. You get lifelong support, a constant resource for training, health, behavior and everything in-between, you become part of our family!

We will help each prospective owner choose the right puppy based on their lifestyle.Our puppies are raised in our home with children and other small animals. We do ENS ( early neurological stimulation) starting at 3 days old, this helps stimulate a puppies neurological system. We also use a program called 'Puppy Culture' as a baseline in our puppy rasing protocol. This program helps build well rounded, confident puppies.


They are subjected to many different sights, sounds and problem solving situations from a young age to help nurture and build their critical thinking, problem solving and confidence. At 6 weeks each puppy gets personality tested to better help place puppies in the proper homes.


Puppies will come with a 18 month health guarantee, all age appropriate vaccinations, deworming, a microchip, 1st dose of heartworm, flea and tick prevention, Purina pro plan starter kit, loads of helpful information & a contract that must be agreed to and signed by each owner. As well as life long support from us!


There is an application process, upon approval you may place a non-refundable** deposit and be placed on a litter waiting list. Picking order is based on when the deposit was placed.

If a puppy is not available that fits your lifestyle, you will be moved to the next litters list.

Prospective owners are encouraged to apply HERE

There you will find more information about our program, as well as an application.

You may also email us at the email address below with any questions.

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Training Packages 
Additional Cost

 4 week program - This program focuses on the foundations of potty training and crate training to give your puppy a head start before they go home. We continue to instill manners, bite inhabition, exposure and socialization. In addition they will also receive their next set of vaccines and be started on flea/tick and heartworm prevention.

8 week program - This program continues manners,  bite inhabition, exposure, socialization, potty training and crate training. It also starts the foundations of leash walking which includes the basics of heeling. As well as starting basic commands such as sit, stay and lay down. In addition puppy will come home completely vaccinated and current on heartworm, flea and tick prevention.

Our Recommendations 

We recommend you feed your puppy Purina Pro Plan large breed puppy until 12 months of age, at that time you would switch to the adult formula. We Feed all our dogs and puppies Purina. It is developed by veterinarians and veterinary nutritionists. It has done very well for all of our dogs. Do your research, any well balanced and well formulated age appropriate diet will be perfect! 

We recommend having your dog on omega-3's such as salmon oil, from a early age,

These are beneficial in many ways such as skin and coat, brain function and joint health.

We highly recommend finding a dog training club near you and becoming an active participant. It is crucial to train and socialize your dog. This also helps strengthen the bond between you.

We recommend crate training at the beginning so that if ever in the situation of needing to be in a crate your dog is happy and comfortable. This also helps with potty training. The crate should never be a punishment!

We STRONGLY recommend following the Puppy Culture age appropriate exercise guidelines, this is crucial to proper structural development of your puppy!

We recommend reading over all documents below

New Puppy Shopping list

  • Crate (ONLY big enough for puppy to stand, turn around and lay down comfortably, will need to upgrade as they grow)

  • Puppy food , Large breed, we recommend Purina ProPlan, but any well balanced age appropriate diet is perfect.

  • Toys (balls, Kong, etc.) Nothing small enough to be swallowed - Make sure if it is easily chewed up all pieces are cleaned up and the toy is discarded.

  • Puppy Pads (for temporary training use)

  • Food and water bowls

  • Leash, collar, harness, ID tag. (Some of our favorites listed below)

  • Treats (small chewy treats are recommended for training, we like using freeze dried raw treats like chicken hearts, beef liver, etc) We recommend raw meaty bones or the Starmark everlasting treat bento ball, pig ears, bully sticks or kongs filled and frozen for long lasting enjoyment and crate training. We DO NOT recommend antlers or anything meant to chew on that is too hard to indent with your finger nail. These can lead to severe dental problems.


  • Crate mat, blanket or bed that fits into crate well. 

  • Brain Games!, Treat Puzzles! (Mental stimulation is one of the most important exercises for a young dog)

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Our Favorite Products

Here are some of our favorite products, we are always finding something new that we love so check back for updates! 

We will post any discount codes we have for each company!

Click on the name to follow the link

DogMatic Supply Co.

​Starmark Everlasting treats

Wholistic Pet Organics

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WinPro Pet Supplements

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 Kona Leashes

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The Jakoba Shop

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Puppy Culture

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Natures Logic 

Crazy Rebels Collars

Instinct brand products

Primal brand products

Animals First Choice pet products

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